Kandiyohi County IT has migrated
to new E-Mail servers.

The migration to the new e-mail servers has completed.  If there are still issues connecting to mailboxes, resources, public folders, etc.  PLEASE contact IT to get a ticket started to resolve your issue.  Ext 2055 or helpdesk@kcmn.us


GOOD NEWS!  You may start creating a new Outlook Profile and log into Outlook. (See Instructions)

If needed, log into https://oldmail.kcmn.us/owa to view your old mailbox. 
You will not be able to send or receive from this account.


EXTERNAL E-MAIL:  You will now see {External} on messages originiating from outside our system.

                or a disclaimer at the beginning of each message originating from outside our system.

Users may use their Desktop Outlook Client to attach to new mailboxes (Instructions will be provided) or continue to use web access until IT staff can assist.

Following the migration, each user will have the following e-mail addresses   firstname.lastname@kcmn.us as well as your existing e-mail address  @co.kandiyohi.mn.us you previously used.  The new default/outgoing address after migration will be the kcmn.us address.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please have your department head contact IT.