Setup Outlook to access your
Kandiyohi County E-Mail
 via Outlook


Kandiyohi County IT will be installing new e-mail servers and migration mailboxes starting Sept 7. 

Starting the morning of Sept 8 users may start setting up their connection to e-mail via Outlook with the instructions below.  If you have questions or are in need of IT to set up your account, support staff will assist as they are able. 


Upon completion, please send a confirmation e-mail to IT


CO: Attorney's Office, Sheriff's Office, Emergency Management

HHS: Admin, Corrections, Human Services, Vetearn Services

LEC: Attorney's Office, Sheriff's Office, Emergency Management


Setup Outlook Profile



Users may use their Desktop Outlook Client to attach to new mailboxes (Instructions will be provided) or continue to use web access until IT staff can assist.

Following the migration, each user will have the following e-mail addresses as well as your existing e-mail address you previously used.  The new default/outgoing address after migration will be the address.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please have your department head contact IT.